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I am currently a data scientist in the Strategic Innovation Group at Booz Allen Hamilton. I work projects that involve deep learning, signal processing, NLP, anomaly detection, and performance measurement. I am a member of Catherine Ordun's team.

I am a proud alumnus of the Metis Data Science Bootcamp (Chicago, Fall 2017 cohort). I highly recommend this camp if you are interested in becoming a data scientist or want to develop some great projects or brush up on your machine learning skillset. You will learn everything that you need to know to hit the ground running, from environment setup, to mathematics.

From 2015-2017, I was on the science faculty at Bard Early College Baltimore, where I taught College Biology, Intro to Computer Science, Foundations of Technology, and Music Appreciation. 

I did a postdoc (5 years) with Charles Limb, MD at Johns Hopkins where we studied musical creativity, auditory perception and fractal structure. I was funded by an NRSA Fellowship with the Biomedical Engineering Department at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Brain Sciences Institute. 

In August, 2010 I earned my PhD in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences from Florida Atlantic University. I devoted my time to system administration for the Music Dynamics Lab and my research on human coordination with 1/f-type (fractal)  auditory signals. My advisor was Edward Large, PhD

I live in Baltimore, MD with my lovely husband and a loud cat. I am an avid quilter and member of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. During the summer, I make excellent cold brew coffee.